It's the Holiday Season!

It is finally here...a bright spot in this uncertain year.  Along with the excitement of the holidays, the anticipation of the season, there comes NEW RECIPES!  It is always one of my favorite things, digging through old recipes passed down, experimenting with new ones, tweaking and testing until I find just the right one.  I am eager for you guys to try out the new bundts, which, to be honest, were a selfish selection.  Gingerbread has always been the leading lady in my life of baking flavors.  There is little more that can warm and soothe the soul like the sweet and spicy tango this little cake dances.  

But.  This post isn't about the products.  This post is about the people.  YOU people, to be exact.  You beautiful souls who are helping me make this dream come a little more alive every day.  What started as a baby step that I was so scared to make, has now blossomed into this exciting, and let's be real, humbling, dream.  With every order you place, you are supporting this passion and dream of mine and there are not enough words in my vocabulary to thank you enough.  

Thank you.  From the depths of my heart and the bottom of my soul, for the love...for the encouragement...for the write ups and shares and likes and ratings.  For all of it.  You are all amazing.

For this holiday season, I pray that you and yours stay healthy, are happy, are graced with loved ones and hope for a brighter 2021, and know how much you are loved.

Peace to you,